Zarbaha Saffron

The saffron is a plant that belongs to the family of hemerocallis and its scientific name is Crolus Stivus Linnaeus . The plant of saffron is common in iran which dates back to 2000 years ago , and the best kind of saffron is planted in South Khorasan .

the saffron has pleasant scent ( odor ) , and it has many food , pharmaceutical and chromatic ( color ) usages . The flower of saffron is violet and it has a red stigma , and what is know as saffron is the stigma of saffron flower , the stigma is red . iran , due to its suitable weather condition , is one the biggest producers of saffron , that produces 90 % of the word’s saffron .

About Us

The Zarbaha saffron company , with more than 30 years of brilliant experience , is one of the pioneers in packaging saffron . It is prepared from the best and most desirable saffron of south khorasan , and it is provided and distributed in various packages .

The Zarbaha saffron company has quality control laboratoies and it observes sanitary principles in order to improve saffron packaging industry , and makes an ever-increasing attemp in this regard , and yhe goal of this unit is the satisfaction of the customers and buyers of saffron .